​Southampton committed to improving St. Mary's

Southampton are willing to continue working on their St. Mary’s Stadium in the coming years.

The Saints want to ensure that fans are aware of the club’s plans to redevelop their stadium and training ground.

The club had a significant loss last year, nearly £34 million. But it will not stop them from investing in the training ground and stadium.

Speaking to the Daily Echo about the club’s home ground, managing director Tony Steele said: “The stadium is nearly 20 years old and we are on a cycle of maintenance that takes up a fair amount of our capital expenditure budget.

“Fans don’t always see what we do but we have to do it.

“The bits that people do see, whether that’s the LED boards we put in, the sound system and the 1885 Lounge, we want to continue doing all of that.

“Every year we earmark things to do and we are looking at a couple of projects to do now but whether that’s this summer or the next one, we always want to bring fans new and exciting things.

“We know we can’t continue to offer the same thing year after year because we need to do new things to keep the fans coming and to also bring new fans to the ground.”